The Art of Teaching Fighting Games, Commentary, and More

The Philocypher speaks with Ace of Spuds about teaching
By on November 3, 2019

Tavian ‘Philocypher’ Napier (@ThePhilocypher) discusses with Ace of Spuds (@AceOfSpuds_) about teaching fighting games.

Philocypher and Ace talk about the lack of good teaching within the community.  The discussion was spurred by a post by Joe Munday talking about how fighting game players can’t explain their path of growth.

They lament the lack of good tutorials and coaching within the scene. But they provide solution of what can be done to teach more effectively. They go over some models of learning like the Feynman technique and the 4 stages of learning.

This is a great listen for anyone who creates tutorial content or coaches other players.

Listen to the full discussion below:

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