Creating The Best Fighting Game Guide Ever – Hold Back to Block Interviews Infil

Learn more about the man behind the best Killer Instinct resource online
By on December 2, 2020

Infil is the man behind The Complete Killer Instinct Guide. The guide delves into all the basics of the game and is laid out in a way easy for a new player to ease into the game toward more of the advanced mechanics. What sets this guide apart is the use of GIFs and graphs to illustrate the points of his articles. This method strikes a great balance of being succinct and informative with having visual aids. The guide also has in-depth overviews of every single character and analyzes their potential using 11 different metrics. And, of course, frame data.

Learn more about the origin of the website, how the process went, and why the community thinks it’s the single greatest fighting game guide ever written.

Check out the full interview here below:

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