Wavedash Discusses the Depiction of Female Characters in Fighting Games feat. Celina, Cuddle Core, and Fergus

By on September 18, 2020

The Wavedash podcast gets together with some guests to talk about female characters in fighting games.

Arya Tayebi brings on Fergus, Cuddle Core, and Celina to talk about how women are portrayed in fighting games with a focus on the Tekken females. The crew shares their sentiments about the lack of diversity of women when it comes to size and color but also what is done right in the game.

The crew then goes over every female character in Tekken to discuss what they think about how they are depicting women. They talk about how the characters have developed in the story and how they’ve evolved for their in-game mechanics. Comments range from how characters should start aging, how well their personalities match their story, and how their moves and animations portray the character.

Check out the full podcast here below:

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