SoulCalibur VI Season 2 New Tech Roundup

See the new stuff that players are tinkering with in Season 2
By on November 24, 2019

SoulCalibur VI Season 2 patch has just dropped. The community has been itching to get their hands on labbing this version and wasted no time to share. See what people are showing off in the latest patch.


Details on the new ranked system


Classic exhibition for all of Raphael’s new moves


All the new moves for Ivy!


Cervantes’ new moves


Taki’s brand new moves




That’s one hefty soul attack


Did Ivy just freeze time?!


Can’t sleep on X


Boom goes the divine dynamite!


Soul stolen from this baited burst.


It works on EVERYTHING


A little to the left… wait, no right


Mina got more baton twirls to make up for dat nerf.


Zas learned the art of remote mines


And breaking the rules with them!


Geralt tells you to ring yourself out


This isn’t 3rd strike…


He can throw the throw now!


Get over here!


Nightmare has a gun?!


Yoshi has a gun!?


Everyone getting a gun!


Screw your guns! Mitsu can finally do what he does in every CG trailer.


I dare you to whiff punish this.


Street Fighter 4 much?


Azwel is still top tier


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