Relive Smash 64’s Most Ludicrous and Insanely Fun Combos

GRsmash takes a trip down memory lane with a new combo contest highlight reel
By on March 11, 2020

Unlike almost every other major fighting game franchise, the Smash Bros. series has never featured a combo counter in its standard versus modes. Nevertheless, combos still have a special place in the Smash scene. Not only do Smashers celebrate the legendary “taunt to get bodied” combo, they often hold swag-combo exhibitions during major events. While none of the combos therein will ever be seen in a competitive match, they give players a chance to show off how creative they can be with the game’s wide array of stages, items, and moves.

To see the absolute best of the best, turn to GRsmash’s most recent combo compilation. It focuses on the original Smash, but the tech on display is hardly out of date. If you’re in the mood for explosions, Falcon Punches, and a lot of truly shocked reactions from the judges, watch the full video below. Then, to show your support, subscribe to GRsmash on YouTube and follow them on Twitter.

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