Justin Wong Talks Sponsorship In The Fighting Game Community

By on July 15, 2020

For many fighting game players, the dream is to go pro. And while many games now have official tours with larger prize pools, realistically the main road to a career as an esports competitor is sponsorship. This is the subject of a recent video from Justin Wong, one of the all-time fighting game greats. If anyone knows the ins and outs of life as a pro gamer in the FGC, it’s him: he’s won a slew of world championships, he’s one of the most recognizable and marketable figures in the community, he’s been sponsored by various groups for years, and he’s even sponsored players of his own. So his advice is worth taking seriously.

In the video below, Wong levels with his viewers. In addition to competing, he says that players need to focus on content creation and other forms of fan interaction. He also says that the community as a whole needs to step up. Sponsors go where the numbers are, so the bigger our events become (when it’s safe to have them again), the easier it’ll be for our favorite players to find sponsors.

Watch the full video below to hear more about this subject, then support Wong by following him on YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.

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