Is Dragon Ball FighterZ a Good Introduction to Fighting Games?

See why LordKnight argues yes and no for this question
By on December 3, 2019

LordKnight (@LordKnightBB) asks and answers the question if Dragon Ball FighterZ is a good game to introduce people to fighting games.

LK argues yes for this question because of the many mechanics that are easy for new players to use. He cites the difficulty of using defensive options like reflect and anti-airing makes it easy for the attacker to get away with things. The easiest mechanic being super dash as it is a move that really mitigates the problem of getting in relatively safely for players. The fact that it allows you to get in people’s faces and be safe on block makes it feel great to use.

LK also argues no for this question to the same degree that defense is tough to use. Having only committal anti-airs that are tough to use makes it hard for people to thwart incoming attackers. This also encourages players to jump often, which may not translate well to most other fighters that have dedicated anti-air options that are good.

See his full answer below to get all the nuances for his double answer:

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