Fighting Game Community Events Can Change Your Life

Offcast shares some of the favorite tournaments that shaped a big part of his life
By on July 22, 2020

Offcast shares some of his most memorable fighting game events over the years and tidbits of how that led to him becoming a big streamer for the community.

Louis “Offcast” Vigil is a prominent streamer and content creator for the Fighting Game Community. He was best known for the earlier days of streaming locals with FG@UCI, Wednesday Night Fights, and other SoCal events. He then moved to work for streaming tech company, Xsplit, for a number of years before moving on for new career opportunities. He’s now regularly creating content on YouTube for streaming and fighting game related content.

Offcast names some of the prominent FGC events that helped to shape his career as a streamer and content creator. EVO 2009 was his first fighting game event that hooked him into the FGC. He then shares about West Coast Warzone and learning about the FGC night/party life. EVO 2011 is where he started rising up as a streamer and helped with a side stream and a salty suite. Shadowloo Showdown 2011 got him to start traveling to stream. And finally Manila Cup is where he had the chance to give back to the community.

Check out the whole video to hear his story for yourself here below:

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