Dead or Alive 6 Version 1.19 Patch Notes

New costumes and balance changes are here
By on February 13, 2020

Tecmo Koei has dropped the Dead or Alive 6 version 1.19 patch for PS4, Xbox One, and Steam.

The patch adds a few “Mandarin” dresses to celebrate Lunar New Year. The patch also includes a few character adjustments and other minor bug fixes to the physics engine and costume system.

Here is the full list of changes below:

  • Added new costumes: [Revival] Alluring Mandarin Dresses. (17 costumes) (These costumes are not included in Season Pass.)
  • Added an option to use hairstyles from the following past costumes in combinations with other costumes:
    • Note: You will be able to use the hairstyles only if you own the costumes they are featured with.Some of the hairstyles will not be applicable to all costumes.This option to change hairstyle is not available with all costumes, and for some costumes the hairstyle variations will be limited.
    • Applicable Costumes
      • [Revival] Sexy Bunny Costumes
      • Witch Party Costumes
  • Adjusted Christie’s posture during the defeat animation.
  • Fixed the issue where “HALF HIT: 〇” was displayed in the Skill Info for certain throws and holds
  • Fixed the issue where incorrect knock back values were displayed in the Skill Info for certain throws and holds
  • Added moves that were missing from Command Lists:
    • Tina: 7K – T
    • Ayane: 9PP, 9PK
    • Eliot: 1P in Bear Stance
    • Christie: 6K8P+K, 6K2P+K, 3K8P+K, 3K2P+K
    • Honoka: P during Burning Soul, P+K during Burning Soul, APL during Burning Soul
    • Raidou: 1_PP, 623P, 61234T to an opponent in the air
  • Corrected a number of mistakes in Command Lists:
    • Ayane: Back 66_P+K- Nyotengu: 6T to an opponent’s back
    • Nyotengu: 6T to an opponent’s back
    • Raidou: 214P
    • Momiji: 7PP+K next to a wall
  • Corrected the following issues in Combo Challenges:
    • Hayabusa’s Combo Challenge 14: Corrected the demonstration to account for balance adjustments.
    • Bayman’s Combo Challenge 19: Corrected the completion conditions
    • Raido’s Combo Challenge 14: Corrected the challenge details to account for balance adjustments
    • Diego’s Combo Challenge 14: Corrected the challenge details to account for balance adjustments
  • Fixed the issues that allowed COM Leifang and La Mariposa use moves that were normally unavailable to these character
  • Adjusted Phase 4’s Sci-Fi Body Suit to not display lightening effects during Chifu, Tenfu, and Nagikaze
  • Added adjustments to make sure that in cases when time runs out during a Danger Zone animation, the Danger Zone damage will still be counted.Exception: In cases where the time runs out during the transition phase, e.g. during the fall danger on the upper level of the LOST PARADISE stage, the Danger Zone damage will not be counted
  • Adjusted some of the Danger Zones where follow-up attacks were possible (Rumble Danger Zones on CHINESE FESTIVAL and others; RPG Danger Zone onthe upper level of UNFORGETTABLE; etc.), to not allow any additional input if the match ended during a Danger Zone animation
  • Adjusted gravity calculations for body models to reduce animation issues with a number of costumes.

Source: Official DOA Patch Notes

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