XO Academy is Empowering Women Members of the Fighting Game Community with a Second Round

By on August 17, 2020

XO Academy is back for a second round of support for women in the Fighting Game Community.

XO Academy is an organization that seeks to empower women professionally in the world of Fighting Game Esports. They support female candidates who apply to the program that seek professional coaching in multiple fields like competing, commentary, branding, and more. Top names in the field like James Chen, Dieminion, Dekillsage, Cait McGee, and Amanda Stevens have participated as coaches.

The first pick for this new season is Tekken 7 player and content creator, Athena (@Tamara4Lyfe).

She’ll be receiving coaching from one of the world’s best Alisa players, Cuddle Core. She had a breakout performance at Kumite in Tennessee in 2016, placing 3rd, and has been a household name since. She placed 33rd in the bracket for the TWT 2019 Last Chance Qualifier and is signed with EQNX gaming as of this writing. Cuddle Core also is a content creator with her Tekken tutorials and podcast.

XO Academy enlists the help of many well known professionals in the community to provide their services for the ladies in the program. The mentors announced for this season so far are the following:

  • Amanda Stevens – Media
  • Carolyn Dao – Branding
  • Cait McGee – Physical Therapy
  • Gerald Lee – Content Creation

Check out the official announcement here below:


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