Winner’s Mindset is the New Podcast That Covers Topics on Competing at a High Level

RIP & JDCR unpack what it takes to be the best
By on April 14, 2020

When it comes to discussion, the Fighting Game Community has a lot to cover when it comes to its games. Tech, combos, and tiers are among the most discussed topics among fighting game players. Mindset is a more difficult topic that is discussed by only a few of the FGC’s guru’s. Here’s where “Winner’s Mindset” will be another voice to unravel the mysteries of the mind when it comes to competing in fighting games.

Winner’s Mindset is a podcast that features two figureheads for the competitive Tekken community, Rip and JDCR.

Rip is a hype commentator and competitive Tekken player best known for his wild and unpredictable Law play. You’ll often hear him don the mic at the biggest Tekken events in the world like Evolution and the Tekken World Tour Finals.

JDCR is a professional Tekken player who is best known for his defensive outfighting style. He completely dominated the tournament circuit for Tekken 7 in 2017 placing about ten 1st place wins and has gotten many top 8 placings and a few more 1sts up to this day.

Check out the full podcast video below:

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