“What Tutorials Don’t Teach” is Sajam’s New Fighting Game Tutorial Series

This series focuses on short and informative videos for obscure techniques that most high level players use
By on May 8, 2020

Fighting game tutorials online tend to follow the pattern of going over the most generic info that would be helpful to the masses. So it’s really tough to find clear information about the more obscure techniques that high level players utilize (and lower level players who don’t realize they’re using them). Here’s where Sajam comes to fill in the knowledge gaps.

Sajam is a player, streamer, and professional commentator best known for his analytical style, sharp wit, and immaculate ad segue-ways. He’ll likely be heard commentating some of the biggest FGC events there is like Combo Breaker, CEO, and EVO. Sajam is also well known for his streams and YouTube clips where he’ll drop some knowledge about how to play fighting games and advocating roll back netcode.

“What Tutorials Don’t Teach” is a new series by Sajam that focuses on the less talked about aspects and techniques in fighting games. Sajam focuses on a single topic and makes a very short (around 3-5 mins) but very informative video.

Check out the first two episodes here below:

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