Vanessa Trailer is Released for King of Fighters XV

By on June 24, 2021

With another King of Fighters XV trailer getting released this week, we found out who the next character in the roster will be and it’s none other than the boxing-secret agent Vanessa. With few appearances since her presence in KOF 2002 and some earlier KOF installments, it’s welcome to see some characters that some of us thought were gone from the series, especially grouping her into a team with the recent addition of Luong and the ever-present Blue Mary. The trailer itself shows just about what every KOF XV trailer has shown so far, with combos and demonstrations including the latest revealed mechanics, but doesn’t seem to show anything new at a system-wide scale. We do see a new stage, however, and if the roster continues to trend toward including an interesting mix of fan-favorite characters and series mainstays then SNK is probably setting up the game for at least some success (at least as we await gameplay details). With inclusions from Team Orochi to the newest Team Secret Agent, it certainly seems like SNK have their eyes on the pulse of the community, but we can only wait and see what will happen with more reveals to come.


If you missed the Vanessa trailer check it out here:

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