The Shuriken JLF PCB Mod Offers Sanwa Arcade Joysticks a Major Upgrade

Gone are the days of de-soldering dead switches to save your favorite JLF lever.
By on August 7, 2020

The Shuriken PCB, A collaboration between Bit Bang Gaming and Blunderbuss Designs, is now in production after several months of development. This board replaces the stock PCB of Sanwa JLF joystick levers. This allows users to replace individual switches without de-soldering them from the assembly.

The Shuriken PCB uses conductive clips to attach switches to the board, instead of attaching each switch (semi)permanently. This fixes a key issue with the Sanwa design, making it incredibly easy to swap out dead or malfunctioning switches. The Shuriken PCB still uses the same 5-pin harness as the Sanwa, making it easy to swap out. Bit Bang Gaming even put together an installation tutorial video, which we’ve embedded below.

The makers of the Shuriken confirmed earlier this week that the final version of the PCB is headed out for production. Pre-order pages are up for both the US and EU via Bit Bang Gaming and Blunderbuss Designs respectively. As of writing this, it appears pre-orders have already sold out in both regions, so it may be worth checking the product page if you want to get your hands on this one.

If you’d like to know more about joystick levers, check out Part 2 of our Hardware Hour series.

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