The Fighting Game Community Rises To Support #BlackLivesMatter

r/StreetFighter raises nearly $15,000, with others to come
By on June 2, 2020

Diversity has always been a hallmark of the Fighting Game Community. In the ’90s, arcades brought people together across every ethnic and socioeconomic background, creating a uniquely dynamic and open subculture. Today, the FGC continues that legacy by taking active steps to become more welcoming and inclusive of women, LGBT+ people, people who have disabilities, and others.

In keeping with our history and our commitment to justice, many members of the FGC have risen to support the Black Lives Matter protests that are sweeping the United States. The biggest example to date is the r/StreetFighter east-coast weekly, which (as of this writing) has raised $14,819.03 for BLM-related charities. Chicago Tekken is also planning a multi-thousand-dollar fundraiser called Resist The Iron Fist, with more details set to be announced soon.

And these are hardly the only examples. From smaller streamers to major organizations, the FGC is showing up for its Black friends and family in a big way. Below, we’ve compiled as many examples as we could find. If you know of other charity events to add to the list, contact us here or @toptiergg on Twitter.

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