The Best Fighting Game Community Terminology Glossary is Here

Thanks to the meticulous work of Infilament we have an amazing FGC glossary
By on May 18, 2021

Infilament is most known for his work on the greatest Killer Instinct Guide ever made. Now he’s struck again to contribute to with the most comprehensive glossary of Fighting Game Community terminology.

The glossary contains over 650 terms that come from general community usage terms such as “salty” to specific games like Tekken’s “Electric Wind God Fist aka EWGF”. The guide also contains over 200 video examples to illustrate terms that are more difficult to express in just words alone. The EGWF example shows the difference of what a regular Wind God Fist looks like and how the EGWF differs in appearance.

This amazing resource will help a ton of new players and old players alike to help keep up for stream commentaries and getting into any new games. Also, we can finally lay to rest the misuse of Trip Guard in the community.

Check out Infilament’s Glossary on our FGC Resources Page.

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