Tekken 7 Season 4 is Officially Announced with Balance Changes and Improved Net Play Experience

By on August 1, 2020

The Japanese Fighting Game Roundtable Discussion brought with it a ton of announcements for their respective fighting games. A major one announced was the next season for Tekken 7.

The trailer confirmed a bunch of new things coming with 4th season of the 7th Tekken. Season 4 will have character balance changes along with new moves for characters. A new ranking system called “Tekken Prowess” will be implemented. The update will also have an “improved online experience”, which isn’t clear on what it will entail, but judging from the trailer, it may detect if your opponents are on wi-fi. The Tekken community will definitely be hoping that a beefy roll back netcode is included with this.

Finally at the end of the trailer a teaser for the next character was shown. A shadowy figure atop a Japanese pagoda was shown very quickly. Much of the community is speculating that this is Kunimitsu, the fox masked ninja that last appeared in Tekken 2.

Check out the announcement trailer for Season 4 below:

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