Tekken 7 Character Cheat Sheet is the Perfect Way to Learn Quickly

Check out this community made resource to help jump start your Tekken career
By on March 18, 2020

Tekken 7 is an amazing fighting game with deep mechanics and an awesome visual flair. The issue that tends to keep people from trying the game is the daunting amount of info needed to play at a high level. There have been a lot of resources like forums, discords, and YouTube content that would help break these down, but now there is a new resource to compact it all together.

The Tekken 7 Character Cheat Sheet is a community project that breaks down the essential moves and combos that a character needs. This is the perfect companion to have on another screen as you play to help The cheat sheets breaks down all the essential tools and info that you’d need to know in a compact guide. It covers tools and info like:

  • Rage Art & Drive
  • Pokes & key moves
  • Tools (power crush, homing moves, parries, wall bouncers, etc.)
  • Punishes by frame count (from standing & crouching)
  • Whiff punish moves
  • Utility moves (wall carry, wall break, floor break, enders)
  • Standard & advanced combo suggestions
  • Wall combos

Check out the announcement tweet with the link below:

Be sure to check out the INFO tab to see who contributed to this huge project. If you know these folks who helped to contribute to this project, be sure to show them some love.

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