Striker and Ranger Revealed for DNF DUEL

By on December 6, 2021

While CEO 2021 was taking place last weekend in Orlando, with a slew of hype tournament brackets and announcements of its own, yet another two trailers were released for the upcoming title DNF DUEL independent of the event. Both the Striker and the Ranger were shown off in just the span of a few days, with gameplay trailers showing off some special moves, combos, and their cinematic supers.

While Striker may share some visual resemblance to past ArcSys characters like Jam Kuradoberi, it looks like she has her own playstyle which seems to have a strong emphasis on air combos over other characters in the game so far. Ranger, on the other hand, is a tricky gunslinger who seems to have plenty of moves exclusively using his guns, even if it’s up close and personal, and even has a nod or two to other fighting game gunfighters.

Oh, HE’s back, isn’t he?

With these two trailers now out in the wild, we have seen gameplay trailers for every character seen in prior teasers and trailers so far. Hopefully, the exhaustion of previously seen material means that some sort of new revelation is coming soon, and with this time being around the same time we got big news of the game last year, we may see something soon enough.

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