Street Fighter V’s Long Awaited Winter Update is Here!

What an event!
By on February 11, 2021

Slated for February 11th, the Winter Update for Street Fighter V has finally come to fruition! Hosted by numerous high level Street fighter staff, the event consistent of character reveals, collaborations, behind the scenes, and event announcements. All hosted on Capcom’s own Twitch channel.

The first thing to be revealed was Rose! The wonderful mystic from Rome was shown in breathtaking detail with an updated character model, and new moves. A behind the scenes motion capture exhibition demonstrated Rose’s excellent animation. Shortly after the motion capture Rose’s new stage ‘Marina of Fate’ was detailed in concept art, and a in a near finished in-game state. Much to our surprise Rose herself was suddenly revealed in full 3d model form; sporting all her V-system techniques, and new moves. The ability to utilize air fireballs, a water downed custom combo, and soul orbs seems like she’ll have an interesting playstyle.

After Rose’s excellent showcase a collaboration with famous producer Steve Aoki was announced. The collaboration will include merch, and a new remix of Ryu’s theme to be premiered after Capcom Cup. With this little intermission they revealed a new variant of training stage will be given to all players for free. This is a dark gray stage with blue lines which has been lovingly called night mode by the community.

Following that we have Dan’s finished showcase with his complete V-system, and complete supers. With V-skill one he has the ability to cancel any normal, or special move to a taunt. This includes at the end or the start of said special move. Vskill 2 cancels any normal to a taunt which you can cancel within itself to another normal or special. This effect works on any normal other than sweep. Finally they revealed his Mr. Karate parody costume. Dan overall looks excellent, and im looking forward to playing him!

But what is this!? Suddenly at the end of the Dan showcase a new ability appears! Yes the new game mechanic is suddenly exposed, an SFIV reminiscent back-dash with invulnerability! The move is called V-shift, and at a cost of one V-meter bar you can back-dash with invulnerability. This new defensive move was sorely needed, and hopefully will balance out the steamrolls of the past. V-Shift will slow down, and give you back one half of a V-bar if you successfully dodge an attack. After this dodge you can follow up with a pre-canned V attack, or you can special cancel for big damage. All-in-all this looks to be an exceptional showcase!

But wait! Somehow there is even more, with a reveal that a special bonus character is being added! Eleven, the precursor to Twelve from Street Fighter 3 enters as the game’s random select button. He transforms into a random character which gives them a new look, and new modulated voice. This event closes off with a sneak peak of Oro doing his tengu stone super!

This was an absolutely incredible event, and it’s made all the better by the rapidly approaching release date of February 22nd.

You can watch the replay of the Winter Update here below:

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