Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Upgrade Announced

By on November 17, 2019

Following the conclusion of the North American Regional Finals, Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition has been announced.

The new edition of this game will come as both a standalone package and an upgrade. The package will contain the following:

  • 40 Characters
  • 34 Stages
  • Over 200 costumes
  • New Character: Gill from Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike

The announcement also featured a huge change in the system with a 2nd V-Skill for every character. It’s unclear if the V-Skill will need to be selected separately or if you can use both in any given fight. But this change should help any characters that have been suffering in the tier lists.

The price structure for Street Fighter V: CE is as follows:

  • Standalone game: $29.99
  • Upgrade kit: $24.99

Pre-ordering will give a new color for each character that will be redeemable at the launch of Street Fighter V: CE which is on February 14, 2020.


See the full announcement trailer below:

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