Stay Up to Date on Cancellation of Events in the Fighting Game Community

By on March 26, 2020

The mandated quarantines during the Covid-19 crisis is wreaking havoc on the in-person events for the Fighting Game Community. Events like Michigan Masters, Norcal Regionals, Final Round, and many others.

There are efforts to try and mitigate the financial damage that this pandemic is causing for the tournament organizers in the community. Please check them out and see if you’re able to help these organizations stay afloat.

We pray that this situation ends soon but in case you have plans to go to any pro tour events for the points, here are some of the announcements from the official sources that are updating the community on the status of their tours.

We’ll update as more news comes up about the tours that have not yet started.

Smash World Tour

Capcom Pro Tour


Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour


Arc Revo World Tour


Tekken & SoulCalibur World Tour

Tekken World Tour News

SoulCalibur World Tour News


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