is the New Fighting Game Community Based Online Hub – The “FGC Facebook”

Find matchups, share tech, and plan events - this platform brings a lot to the table.
By on June 22, 2020

Earlier this month, launched as a social platform focused exclusively on fighting games. This community-fueled hub offers a wide range of features from connecting players to finding local events for just about any fighting game out there.

The brainchild of Tokyo-based software developer Marko Jovic, gives players a personal profile to track their favorite games, events, and players. There are already plenty of games to add to a profile, and players can request anything not already on the list. Players can even connect social platforms like Twitter or Twitch to their profile, making it easy to integrate into an existing online presence.

The “challenge” feature lets players create a public event that opponents configure together. One player can challenge any other, and they can both configure and chat about the match. Spectators can vote on which challenger they favor, and the challengers can add stream links or post videos of their match all within the challenge page. It’s an interesting system, and one that gives players a great stage to set up (and hype up) head-to-head matches.

In addition to challenges, helps facilitate online and offline play in several interesting ways. Players can add their favorite places to play offline, and add or join events. also lets players set which game they’re currently playing to show up as “active”. This feature seems to still be in development, though.

Though still in it’s early stages, offers quite a few great features to help players connect. Only a few weeks in, the site already boasts over 400 registered players and several events and places. For players looking to expand their circle in their favorite games, this platform might be worth checking out.

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