SoulCalibur VI Punishment Video Guides

Taokaka Meow shows us how to avoid getting hit by the shenanigans
By on March 30, 2020

Punishing moves in 3D fighting games is imperative for being able to play at a high level. Not knowing what the opponent is capable of allows them to steam roll you with shenanigans and just leave you upset about your losses. Here’s where Taokaka Meow comes thru to help in a great way.

Taokaka Meow has made some great videos on helping to see what punishes are available for the whole cast in SoulCalibur VI. She goes over the different options that characters have and how you can punish them with dodging follow ups, Guard Impacting, or simply attacks that work after blocking.

Although these video only depict Tira and Xianghua doing the punishes, you can apply these punishes to moves that your character has with similar start up frames. Obviously any moves that are universally available (e.g ducking, side stepping, GI, etc.) will most likely apply to every character.

She’s currently working on more videos to address the season 2 changes, but the earlier works will still be very helpful for the most part. We’d recommend testing these in training mode to make sure it still works in season 2 and beyond. But be sure to subscribe to see the new videos that address the season 2 updates.

Her latest video for season 2 changes:

Check out the full playlist of season 1 guides below:

Be sure to support Taokaka Meow and subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

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