Skullgirls Exhibition Series – The Tournament of Shmixture Starting This Weekend

By on August 6, 2020

This upcoming weekend is the start of the Skullgirls exhibition series called The Tournament of Shimixture. The exhibition series will consist of 4 United States regions facing of in a 10 vs 10 format online. The regions that are involved in this series are:

West Coast

  • Rat_Baby (WA) – Team Captain
  • Dawnhibki (Socal)
  • JMZ (Socal)
  • MegamanDS (Socal)
  • SunsetRadiance (Socal)
  • Bucyoyo (SoCal)
  • Fosh (Socal)
  • Makulet (NorCal)
  • Stuff (Socal)
  • Yaya (BC)



  • Gelato (IL) – Team Captain
  • Dhoppler (MO)
  • FullBleeD (KA)
  • Lawnba (OH)
  • NCV (IL)
  • Adeveis (IL)
  • Elda Taluda (IL)
  • Fuzzy_Snugs (MO)
  • Magnets (IL)
  • Psychopath (IL)


East Coast

  • Keninblack (NJ/VA) Team Captain
  • EG Dekillsage (NYC)
  • Outlaw_Spike (MD)
  • Raz (PA)
  • Triviality (NYC)
  • Cloud (NJ)
  • MPGame (MD)
  • PME (NJ)
  • EG Sonicfox (NYC/DE)
  • Warped_Echo (CT)


South Side

  • Bonanze (FL) Team Captain
  • CubanChris (TX)
  • LalitoTV(MX)
  • Shakeyfingers (AR)
  • Swiftfox-Dash (TX)
  • Aeroshire (TX)
  • iDante(TX)
  • Rabbleflaggers (FL)
  • Socks (FL)
  • Turvon (FL)


August 9, 2020 (Sunday) is the start of the series with West Coast vs Midwest at 7pm pst on , and followed up the week after of the East Coast vs South Side on August 16th and streamed on at 7pm pst on

More dates, and times will be announced by Kenninblack onĀ  for more upcoming matches. This exhibition series will determine who will be the best region in Skullgirls right now, and to showcase high level Skullgirls play in every aspect of what the game has to offer.

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