Salt Levels Max Shares His Street Fighter x Tekken Tier List in 2020

By on January 30, 2020

SaltLevelsMax shares his Street Fighter x Tekken tier list.

Salt is one of the pillars of the SFxT community that is keeping the game going strong (you can read more in our feature here). Yet it’s a nice surprise to see a tier list for a game that still has a community around it since its release in 2012. Salt puts the king and queen of kicks, Hwoarang and Chun-li respectively, along with Jin Kazama in the S tier.

*update* This list was a collaboration with players in the SFxT Discord: Psychoblue, reckless duckling, parapets, stn, kijui, brenttiscool, milkticket, Izotop, LP, and waffles.

See the full tier list below:

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What do you think of the tier list? Share your own list if you know who are the top dogs in SFxT.

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