r/SF Radio Chats with Bodied Novel About the FGC Code of Conduct That is in the Works

By on July 16, 2020

“Super” Joe Munday chats with Eli “Bodied Novel” Horowitz about the Fighting Game Community code of conduct that is being currently worked on.

A recent wave of exposure of unacceptable behavior from players in the FGC and Smash scenes have prompted a response from tournament organizers. Fighting game TO’s have come together to discuss the creation of a code of conduct for the FGC. The Smash competitive scene already does have a code of conduct in place, so this is the first effort by the FGC as a whole to collectively create its own code.

Eli is a novelist and fighting game fan. He’s best known for his witty Twitter puns and authoring the Unsung Heroes series here on toptier.gg. Eli is also the main moderator for the FGC TO Discord where many tournament organizers gather to discuss issues and share resources.

In this interview, learn more about the setting and premise Eli’s book, “Bodied”. Learn more about the FGC Tournament Organizer Discord and the efforts to create an official Code of Conduct. Joe and Eli discuss in length, the overall goals and philosophy behind the FGC CoC.

You can listen to the whole interview here below:

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And for Joe’s question, yes please!

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