Playstation 5 Will Support PS4 Arcade Sticks on PS4 But Not with PS5 Games

By on August 3, 2020

The hype of the new console generation is at an all time high with both the XBOX Series X and Playstation 5 so close to release. One thing that worried many fighting gamers is if our old controllers, namely fight sticks, would work on the new PS5.

Playstation 4 was the unanimous choice of the FGC with Street Fighter V being a PS4 exclusive game, so this console became the staple machine for tournament organizers. But there was a difficult transition for the community as the PS3 controllers were incompatible with PS4. This forced everyone in the community to have to purchase a new PS4 controller or fight stick in order to compete.

Thankfully, the Sony Blog has confirmed that most PS4 peripherals will be compatible with the Playstation 5 and will work on both PS4 backwards compatible games but not necessarily all PS5 games*. So it is unclear if the new PS5 fighting games coming out will support PS4 controllers, but hopefully it will be something that is considered.

*correction, before we said it would work with PS5 games but that was a mistake

Source: Playstation Blog

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