Party Wolf Shares His SoulCalibur VI ‘End of Season 1’ Tier List

By on November 10, 2019

Party Wolf (@Party_Wolf_) shares his SoulCalibur VI ‘end of season 1’ tier list.

Party Wolf recently won the last chance qualifier and tied for 5th place in the SoulCalibur VI World Invitational with Kilik.

The tier list is ordered left to right ranging from S tier down to D tier. No surprise to see yet again Azwel being the sole S tier character. Party Wolf cites that Azwel having a 10f launcher that leads into a mix up being something that obviously makes him stronger than the rest of the cast. In case people don’t see their favorite Athenian shield basher, this tier list is missing Cassandra’s icon and she’s been included in the A tier with Nightmare, Amy, and Mitsurugi.

See his finished tier list below:

Check out the stream archive below to hear his reasoning for the list:

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