Nintendo Versus Announces Online Qualifiers For Genesis 7

The top four finishers will qualify
By on October 24, 2019

Earlier today, the official Nintendo Versus account announced an online qualifier for Genesis 7. The tournament is open to residents of Canada, the US, and Mexico and will take place in just a few weeks.

These online qualifiers will have an unusual format. To qualify for the 32-person final bracket, players must finish at the top of a leaderboard that will be active over a 3-hour period. In other words, there will be a period of free-for-all play in order to establish a second round of standard, bracket-based competition. Only the players with the highest win/loss differential will make it to the bracket.

Meanwhile, the rules for the games themselves are relatively standard. Competitors will play three-stock matches with a seven-minute time limit. No items or Final Smashes will be allowed, and the permitted stages will be Final Destination, Battlefield, Yoshi’s Story, Yoshi’s Island, Lylat Cruise, Pokemon Stadium 2, Smashville, Kalos League, and Town & City.

Competitors will be assigned to one of eight regions based on their location. Regions one through four (the westernmost regions) will play on November 9, whereas regions five through eight (the easternmost regions) will play on the 10th. The top two players from each region will then be awarded airfare, lodging, and registration for Genesis 7, as well as a $350 money card. Genesis 7 will take place in Oakland, CA from January 24 through January 26 of next year. Earlier this year, Genesis 6 had over 2100 entrants and was the third-largest Smash Ultimate tournament to date, so we can expect Genesis 7 to be stacked – especially now that it has Nintendo’s help.

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