Momochi to Only Receive 1% of the Prize Money from TGS 2019 Tournament

Japanese pro license issues barring Momochi's earnings for winning this CPT Super Premier
By on September 16, 2019

Momochi (@momochi212) has recently won first at the Capcom Pro Tour Super Premier at Tokyo Game Show 2019. The advertised prize pool was 50 million Yen ($46,365 USD) but he will only receive 60,200 Yen ($558), which is only 1.2% of that prize pool.

Momochi shared that because he doesn’t have a Japanese Pro Gamer License, he won’t be able to receive the full amount.

Jiyuna (@jiyunajp) shares a video clip of Momochi’s announcement here:


On principle, Momochi is against the Japanese pro gamer licensing system and has shared his reservations in a previous article published in 2017 at He says he’s not completely against this licensing system but is worried about how it might only serve license creators (JeSU) as opposed to all involved in games. He wants gamers themselves to be a part of the conversation with this licensing system.

You can read a translated version of the article here by Jiyuna.

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