King Trailer is Released for King of Fighters XV

By on April 2, 2021

The code has officially been cracked, expectations have been shattered, CYS fans are in a panic, and SNK has revealed who was behind the mysterious definitely-not-either-Blue-Mary-or-King silhouette. The series’ butler mainstay, King, was revealed to be the newest character in King of Fighters XV. Fans of the Art of Fighting series may notice some familiar bits in the trailer, as her stage and music from AOF2 have been revisited. As with the previous KOF XV trailers, she sure looks like King; all her typical moves are still there, and we see a neat long-range wall splat combo from her blowback attack which could fit her characterization as a strong space control character in the roster. It doesn’t appear that SNK has kept up the team reveal order of trailers lately, so fans of other characters that “should be” revealed by now can likely rest easy. Still, with only character trailers and no big gameplay news, there are a lot of questions fans might have unanswered about KOF XV, even if the reveals have started to get more interesting.


If you want to see the trailer for yourself, check it out here:

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