King Jae Interviews Cuddle Core at Tekken World Tour 2019 Finals

By on December 24, 2019

King Jae interviews Cuddle Core at the Tekken World Tour 2019 Finals.

Jeannail Cuddle Core” Carter is best known for her Alisa in Tekken 7. She had a breakout performance at Kumite in Tennessee in 2016, placing 3rd, and has been a household threat since. She placed 33rd in the bracket for the TWT 2019 Last Chance Qualifier and is signed with EQNX gaming as of this writing.

Find out more about how Cuddle Core felt about her performance and what she learned at the TWT LCQ. Find out how she learned about her local competitive scene. And see why she chose Alisa in Tekken 7 and why she sticks with her.

See the full interview below:

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