Jmcrofts Shares His Granblue Fantasy Versus Tier List

By on March 11, 2020

Jmcrofts shares his Granblue Fantasy Versus season 1 Tier List.

Jmcrofts is a fighting game centric YouTube who focuses primarily on anime style games like Dragon Ball FighterZ. He also makes history videos that also double as an analysis of game play, like the FT15 between Filipino Champ and Kane Blueriver in UMVC3. He also recently started a new FGC themed game show in the style of Jeopardy!

Jmcrofts lays out the tier list in the classic X faults axis and the Y tier level axis. At the top most tiers we see Lancelot and Katalina. They both have great options and solid damage, along with Lancelot inching out the well-roundedness by having some insanely fast mix-ups. Charlotta and Gran fill out the tiers right beneath them due to how safe their moves are and the great damage they’re both able to pull off.

Check out the completed tier list here below:


Check out the full video explanation here below:

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