Jiyuna Gives 5 Strong Tips for Improving in Granblue Fantasy Versus

By on March 31, 2020

Granblue Fantasy Versus is the new hotness in the Fighting Game Community that has a lot of familiar yet different mechanics. Because of the new system, there will be quirks in the system that players should know in order to succeed in the game. Here’s where Jiyuna comes in to teach us a few of these minor differences that make a big impact on your game.

Jiyuna is a streamer and commentator that specializes in Anime fighting games. He’s a member of the Anime Illuminati ex-pat duo that lives in Japan. He, along with Majin Obama, also helps run the weekly tournament, Fighting Tuesdays, in Nakano, Japan.

Jiyuna gives 5 tips on how to quickly improve in GBVS, which are:

  1. Dodge projectiles
  2. Take the throws
  3. Use easy inputs for reversals
  4. Easy EX & Super moves
  5. Better damage on combos

Check out the full video here below to get the full explanation for these points:

Be sure to support Jiyuna and the Anime Illuminati by subscribing to their YouTube channel here and Twitch channel here.

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