JChensor’s First Attack Series Episode 3 Covers the Concept of Footsies

Episode 3 is a doozy with covering this big topic
By on March 5, 2020

James “Jchensor” Chen is one of the Fighting Game Community’s most respected teachers. His years of experience as a competitor and a commentator have given him a great level of insight which he shares in an easy to digest manner. With this beginner friendly approach, he’s created his First Attack series on YouTube to teach everyone how to play fighting games and show why they are so great.

This episode goes over the nuances behind the concept called “footsies”. This tends to be a catch-all term for the meta-game of the interplay between attacking and avoiding attacks.

Learn about the Triangle of Footsies and see how the different elements play into each other like rock, paper, scissors. The three points of the triangle that Jchensor covers are:

  • Poking & Space Control
  • Forward Movement
  • Whiff Punishing

He goes in-depth for each of these concepts and gives some in-game examples of how they work in practice. This is a must see for anyone who wishes to improve their ground game for any 2D fighting game.

Check out the full lesson here below:

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