JChensor’s First Attack Episode 4 Tackles Ranges and Spacing

By on March 9, 2020

James ‘Jchensor’ Chen’s fighting game tutorial series, First Attack, has released Episode 4!

First Attack is a tutorial series for learning fighting games in general. James Chen is a veteran fighting game player and commentator who focuses on helping beginner to intermediate level players learn fighting games.

Ranges and spacing in fighting games is a concept that needs to be grasped to understand how to approach the neutral game. Understanding where on the screen your character is advantageous on offense and defense will give you a great edge over most opponents you face.

In this episode, James goes in-depth about:

  • Fighting for Range
  • Advantages from Character Variety
  • How Speed Affects Ranges and Spacing

He also goes over a classic match-up in Street Fighter 2: Super Turbo with Guile vs. Ryu. He takes an exhibition match between two of the best Japanese players of their respective characters, Kotaka Shoten’s Guile vs. Kurahashi’s Ryu at GameSpot Versus.

Check out the full lesson here below:


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