Jazzy NYC ’19 is the Documentary that Highlights Community-Led Street Fighter Third Strike Circuit

By on April 24, 2020

By now, it’s safe to assume that everyone in the Fighting Game Community knows about Evo Moment 37. Thanks to Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike has become an indelible part of gaming history. But across the United States, there are FGCers working to ensure that 3rd Strike still has life. They’re the people behind the Jazzy Circuit, a community-run 3rd Strike tour, and they’re the subject of a new documentary from longtime FGC videographer Phil Nolan.

Nolan’s documentary, titled “Jazzy NYC ’19,” features interviews with community pillars like Wong and Thomas “Arlieth” Shin; the organizers of the Jazzy Circuit; and more. Most of all, it shows the love that the FGC still has for this twenty-one-year-old touchstone. “Jazzy NYC ’19” is a beautiful depiction of what makes the FGC special, and it’s well worth the watch. You can check out the full documentary below. From there, follow Nolan on Twitter and YouTube and check out the official Jazzy Circuit Twitter account for more info about this classic title.

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