How to Win Your Bad Matchups with RobTV

By on April 2, 2020

Everyone in the Fighting Game Community has suffered through a bad matchup. Whether it’s the zoner you just can’t approach, the pressure cooker you can’t get off you, or some other nightmare, we’ve all run into characters that are hard to handle. Rob “RobTV” Burney addresses this subject in a new video, giving advice on how to win bad matchups.

He emphasizes the fact that it’s not the software that determines the outcome of a matchup but rather the players. Burney uses the Karin/Birdie matchup in Street Fighter V as an example, but his advice applies across all fighters: study the contours of the matchup, think for yourself, know where your advantages lie, and innovate.

Watch the full video below to learn these techniques for yourself, then subscribe to Burney’s YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter to catch more of his advice.

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