Hellabrett Creates Gundam EX Versus Maxiboost ON Beginners Guide and Resource Site

Commentator "Hellabrett" wants new players to have a fighting chance in the Gundama arena
By on July 30, 2020

Gundam Extreme Versus: Maxiboost ON launched earlier this summer, bringing the wildly popular Japanese arcade game to home consoles. It’s since swept through the fighting game community, and many are starting to realize the game has some serious depth. For those looking to get their footing on the arena brawler, commentator and organizer “Hellabrett” has created a beginner’s guide to walk through the basics.

“The two biggest mistakes beginners make are execution errors and strategic errors.” Hellabrett writes in the guide’s introduction. The guide addresses these in seven sections (so far), from core systems to choosing the right mobile suits. The movement section has already seen some additions within the first few weeks since the guide launched. It’s likely more is coming soon.

It seems Hellabrett hopes to establish for Gundam EXVSMBON the kind of core knowledge base the FGC already uses for mainstream fighters. “When you are learning a new competitive game, whether it’s a fighting game or an FPS, you have a well of pre-established knowledge you can tap into.” writes hellabrett. He also acknowledges that Gundam games are likely unfamiliar to fighting game fans. Hopefully this guide will help to bridge that gap, and perhaps bring even more fans into the fold.

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