Guilty Gear Strive’s Most Rockin’ Day 1 Closed Beta Tech

By on April 17, 2020

“Mankind knew that they cannot change society, so instead of reflecting on themselves they blamed the lab monsters

The Guilty Gear Strive closed beta is upon us!

So of course the Fighting Game Community is hitting the lab hard to tear this system apart. Many people have been posting their findings of quirks in the system, filthy Roman Cancel (RC) mix-ups, and of course the combos.

We got some juicy tech from Day 1 where we all got to play only vs the computer. Stay tuned for another round up when we finally get to play each other in the next few days.

Heaven or Hell…   Day 1…  LET’S ROCK!

Oh, so that’s how momentum RC works


Woah, hidden RC tech


Always count on the FGC to find the throw option select on day 1


Best quarantine cuts in town


“He needs this”


Chipp is a ninja afterall


Full screen command grab into combo? yes, pls


Wait, this combos….on BLOCK?!


This combos on block too?!


This combo is illegal sir!


And this combo is a felony, impeach this president!


You’re already dead…


I can hear it in my head


This mix-up has our seal of approval


Who says Ky don’t got mix-ups?


This mix-up got Sol


We got full on Ky combo videos


And May combo primers


That’s it for this day 1 round up. Let us know if you found any awesome tech or videos in the comments below!

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