Granblue Fantasy Versus Version 2.0 Patch Notes

Belial brings along changes for the whole cast, and online matchmaking.
By on September 24, 2020

The patch notes for version 2.01 of Granblue Fantasy Versus are available in English on the game’s official website. The  patch should be live within the next 24 hours, bringing significant balance changes and the new character Belial.

Central to the latest game version is Belial, the latest addition to the roster that kicks off Versus’s second character pass. Six new weapon skins and two background music tracks will be added to both RPG and Versus mode alongside the new character. RPG mode will also get three new quests and Belial as a playable character.

Combat sees some overall improvements with this patch, as well. Extended hurtboxes for most blocking and hit states should make combos connect more easily. Normal jump for most of the cast now travels further, though super jump remains the same. Counter! and Crush! text is more visible, and hitstop for several counterhit moves have been shortened or removed to make confirms easier.

Light attacks now chain together easier and autocombos received tweaks to feel more reliable. Throws now provide equal meter across the entire cast, but do less raw damage overall. Throws and throw breaks now position players apart equally, and will see some overall tweaks to even out spacing. Projectile damage also took a hit across the board.

In general, combos should feel smoother thanks to the changes above, but with the damage reduction it will be important for some players to lab out their character’s overall damage output. Most characters in the cast see some general balance changes that may affect some bread-and-butter techniques, so hit up training mode before jumping into matches.

Many players have anticipated the previously announced changes to multiplayer matchmaking, along with the reset of player ranks. Players will now see a “VS level” indicator in both ranked and lobbies, along with the color square indicators common to many Arc System Works games.

According to the notes, this new system should provide better matchmaking in ranked mode. Players can easily assess their opponents’ skill level in lobbies as well. Players in ranked mode can now decline matches even after accepting, if their opponent hasn’t made a choice.

Granblue Fantasy Versus 2.0 launches on September 24th on PS4 and PC. It’s possible the patch may appear on the evening of the 23rd for some time zones, though there’s no official word on this.


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