Granblue Fantasy Versus Tier List Round Up February 2020

See lists from players like Ho-chan, Floe, Kane Blueriver, and many more
By on February 18, 2020

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Here’s a round of up of some early tier lists that people have been putting out for Granblue Fantasy Versus.

With the game being out close to 2 weeks as of this post, it’s still not stopping players from giving their thoughts on the perceived strengths of the initial roster. As time goes on, we’ll definitely see things change once more powerful techniques are found and balance changes adjusts for each character.

The initial impression that the community is expressing is that Charlotta, Metera, Gran, and Ferry take many of the S tier spots.

Charlotta def has an early game buff due to her move set that seems safer than it actually might be at first glance. This style of character tends to bamboozle many players early on since it will take a bit of knowledge to punish her effectively.

Metera seems to have a spot high on the tier list due to the movement issues a lot of characters have in this game. The running mechanic not allowing players to block immediately and the lack of air mobility makes zoning quite effective in this game.

Gran is a standard fireball/dragon punch type character, but the one thing that seems to is his boot. The move is extremely fast and is safe at many distances, so closing the gap with him to pressure is a relatively easy feat. Lastly,

Ferry has the range advantage with her whip along with having great pressure tools with her pet. Along with this, she has one of the best supers in the game that dominates the neutral game quick and can chip death.

See all the tier lists we’ve gathered up here below:

Moose CD Key




Spiidi On Noita


Ho-Chan & Goziline:


Dante Redgrave


Kane Blueriver




Teddy Bui


Gent Thief


Wong Time


Chay Benji


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