Granblue Fantasy Versus Frame Data for Version 1.11

Matosh Lee singlehandedly leveling up the community
By on April 1, 2020

Granblue Fantasy Versus is an amazing game for beginners to advanced players alike. Especially because of all the tools it has to help players to grasp all the aspects of 2D fighting games. One amazing feature that GBVS has is that it has info about frame data in its own training mode. This is only now starting to become more available, but there’s still something to the old pen and paper (or excel sheet) that still has its uses.

Matosh Lee has done a great service to post up all the frame data for every character in GBVS version 1.11. This is still great to use for players who needs to find the data for a given move right away, as opposed to having to jump into training mode just to find 1 figure. As Matosh mentions, it is a work in progress and as more characters are added he’ll likely add those characters to this document.

You can find the link to the living document here below:

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