Granblue Fantasy Versus Character Overview by That Blasted Salami

The TBS crew gives a quick yet in-depth look at all the characters and their tools
By on March 5, 2020

If you’re having trouble picking a main character in Granblue Fantasy Versus, the crew at That Blasted Salami has you covered.

The overview video gives a lot of great information about the characters tools by describing what the moves can do and what their function is. The video also covers what the strengths and weaknesses for each character and sums them up nicely to let players know what to expect from playing them.

They cover the base roster (non-DLC) of:

  • Gran
  • Katalina
  • Charlotta
  • Lancelot
  • Percival
  • Ferry
  • Lowain
  • Metera
  • Ladiva
  • Zeta
  • Vaseraga

Check out the full overview video here below:

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