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Flow Feedback is a cool tool to level up your game
By on January 16, 2020

Players that want to get better at fighting games will have to one day watch their own replays. The ability to go back and watch what you’ve done is extremely helpful to point out weak points to quickly work on improvement. If you want some help with trying to analyze your own replays, you can read our article about how to use replays to improve at fighting games.

If you feel like there’s more you’d like to analyze, it’s smart to ask for others to help critique your play. But that process can be difficult for people to pinpoint certain parts of your play. But now there’s a new tool that can help people more directly assist with feedback.

Flow Feedback is an online tool that lets users comment on timestamps of a video. This is super helpful to allow commenters to directly talk about particular parts of someone’s gameplay. Also, the uploader can see that there’s something to watch out for as they watch their own replay.

Check out Chickzama’s tweet below for the link

Or you can click the link here to get to the Flow Feedback page.

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