FOOTSIES Game is Now in Beta Testing with Roll Back Net Code

HiFight's mobile fighter is available to test with GGPO implementation
By on May 14, 2020

The crusade for better netcode has found another ally in the fight with FOOTSIES. The game developed by HiFight is now undergoing beta testing for the PC version of the game.

HiFight is best known for supplying the Fighting Game Community with the hypest highlights from major tournaments from around the world. His twitter feed is a haven for those unable to catch the long streams of matches that happen over tournament weekends. He’s shown his prowess in other fields like programming by single-handedly creating the game, FOOTSIES. The game is a stripped down version of a fighting game that revolves around “RPS with extra options” nature of fighting games.

The boon in demand for roll back style netcode has prompted HiFight to implement the popular code, GGPO into his game. GGPO recently made their software development kit (SDK) completely free by publishing it under the MIT license.

Check out the announcement below that contains the link to download the game on PC:

Be sure to support HiFight by following him on Twitter here. And also volunteer to give feedback to help HiFight complete his project.

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