Fighting Gamers Say What They Love About Their Community

Why the FGC is more than just games
By on May 22, 2020

After only a few months, COVID-19 has tested us in more ways than we ever thought it could. Nations are reconsidering their ways of living, entire industries have shifted, and we’ve all been called upon to act responsibly for the sake of others. On a smaller scale, we in the Fighting Game Community have had to adapt as well. We’ve canceled some tournaments and moved others online. We’ve reached out to support one another and the organizations that we love. But above all, we’ve rededicated ourselves to the community aspect of the FGC.

That was the subject of a recent tweet from Jacqueline “JakyoManor” Manor. A longtime FGC commentator and strategy consultant, Manor asked her followers for “your top reasons why you love being in the Fighting Game COMMUNITY.” While some people focused on games and competition, many responded with stories about friends, personal growth, or related passions. Users like @BubbaDaGenius_ and @Pixeled__ talked about how the FGC helped them to overcome early “struggle[s] with making friends” and “come out of my shell.” @jimmy_shoegazer cited his pride in knowing that our community welcomes everyone regardless of “race , religion, disabilities or sexual preference.” And @CharlieFGC kept it simple: “The feeling of belonging to something is super nice.”

In these trying times, we in the FGC can take solace in the fact that we share more than just a hobby. No matter what happens out there in the world, we’ll always be here to inspire each other, console each other, and help each other blossom. Click through to the original tweet so that you can browse through the rest of the responses – and if you have one of your own, be sure to tag us @toptiergg in your reply!

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