Faust Gameplay Trailer for Guilty Gear Strive

See the good doctor back in action
By on January 18, 2020

The conclusion of Frosty Faustings XII was met with a fitting gameplay trailer of Faust for Guilty Gear Strive.

Faust is donning his signature paper bag but now is in medical scrubs. He seems to have taken a turn toward the creepy and gruesome as he fights more like an animal. His command grab has him eating his opponent and dropping them back with a worm hole and his “Going My Way” attack is like the Tasmanian Devil spin. His random items seem to be back with a few twists like an item that gives the opponent an afro. He still has a few of his staple moves like his gigantic 6P anti-air and 6H overhead along with the almost full-screen scalpel stab.

See the full game play trailer below:

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