Fantasy Strike Converts to Free-To-Play Game with New Characters and More Features

The beginner friendly fighting game made by David Sirlin available for free on all platforms
By on July 21, 2020

Fantasy Strike is converting to a free to play model with premium features for subscribers.

Fantasy Strike is a beginner friendly fighting game that focuses on the fundamentals of of the genre with some twists. It has some interesting design choices to help make it easier for players. Some examples of this is to make the life bar into a point based system and the removal of high/low attacks in the game. It also has a mechanic called Yomi Counters, where you can counter throws by pressing nothing. A successful Yomi Counter grants the player full meter and doing some damage on the opponent.

The announcement of the new free to play model also came with new characters and other updates. The 2 new characters are the samurai looking, Onimaru, and the illusionist, Quince. This brings the roster up to 12 playable characters, all who are unlocked for free. The modes they will be available in are online casual, online ranked, practice mode, and vs CPU. Some cosmetic upgrades includes new costumes, K.O animations, practice animations, pre and post fight animations.

The premium subscription of the game, called Fantasy+, will include some more cosmetics along with some interesting features. The big feature for this sub will likely be the Replay TV and Advanced Replay System. Here you’ll be able to watch your own replays and also pause and rewind frame by frame. The system will also allow you to watch replays of other players with filters for skill level and specific character match ups. The premium membership will also give access to “Master Costumes” for the cast.

The game is available for free now on Steam, PS4, and Switch.

Check out the official announcement and trailer here below:

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